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The 4 times table is available for a free trial. If you like it, you can buy the full version in one 'click'.
"Mathemagics Multiplication" is an innovative method for memorizing multiplication tables.
Are your children finding it difficult to learn their multiplication tables?
Is it a burden for them?
Use our app to bring a smile back to their face.
Let's put an end to that endless repetition!
"Mathemagics Multiplication" is a method based on mental visualization. It is adapted to the children's imagination and makes it easier for them to remember their multiplication tables.
It is a fact that it is easier for the human brain to retain new information when it is associated with characters, scenarios, fun and feelings (like a poem).
How does it work?
We tell delightful stories where the leading characters are numbers.
Let's take an example : the multiplication of 4 x 5
1) We replace the numbers with characters ( VampFour the vampire and FlamingFive the dragon)
2) We tell a unique story, which has a meaning and is about the characteristics of these two characters (the vampire is always biting his neighbours and the dragon breathes fire)
3) The story concludes with visual elements representing the result of the multiplication (a flame in the shape of a 2 and a pumpkin in the shape of a 0 to make 20)
4) Children will remember the story and therefore the result of the multiplication.
This method has been tested in several schools and is recommended by teachers and speech therapists.
Here are some reviews:
"Using a narrative and humour reaches out to all the pupils and offers a completely new approach "
"We have tested it in learning activities, it is a true winner as it offers a different approach from that used in the classroom ".
"Making children want to learn is over half way to achieving success in schoolwork. "
The "Mathemagics Multiplication" method is aimed not only at those children struggling academically but also at those discovering multiplication tables for the first time.
This method can be used in the classroom, either in groups or on a one to one basis. It can also be used by speech therapists.
• Work with a smile
• Stimulate memory through sight, hearing and touch
• Learn autonomously and actively
• Test memory and progress with quizzes
• Be encouraged by a kind and friendly character
• Find motivation to progress and earn rewards
• Gradually progress from the characters to real numbers
A positive and playful teaching method:
• Discovering the characters
• An overall look at the multiplication tables
• The principle of inversion (3 x 6 = 6 x 3)
• Memorisation of the tables by discovering each story
• Playful exercises to check the tables have been learnt
• A parents section to follow the child's progress
For those schools not equipped with tablets, please go to our website
Our commitments :
- No advertising
- Protection from external links
- Protection from in-app purchases
- No sharing of personal datas
Note : our application offers a method of memorization. The concept of multiplication (adding several times the same number) is not the subject of our application, this concept should be used in class with a teacher.
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