Dirt Bike Rally Racing Turbo - Offroad Motorcycle

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Feel like a true dirt bike champion driving as fast as possible on the rally track. Motorcycle offroad racing has never been so fun!
If you love dirt bike games and motorcycles, this is the game you've been waiting for!
Are you ready to be the champion of this awesome dirt bike racing game?
As you go faster and further on the rally track you will win cash and you'll be able to buy better and faster motorcycles! Win the race buying the best motorbikes on this dirt bike racing game!
You can overtake the rally cars and you will win more points and more cash! You can take the ramp to jump and activate the turbo! You can do wheelies to win more points and even more cash! Dirt bike is fun!
There's no time to lose! Choose your motorcycle and show everybody that no one can reach you!
- Awesome motorbikes!
- Infinite rally race track!
- Extreme speed!
- Very simple controls!
- Incredible graphics!
- Tilt or Touch to steer
- Touch gas button to accelerate
- Touch brake button to slow down
- Touch wheelie button to do wheelies
★ TIPS ★
- The faster you drive the more points you get
- When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to get bonus points and cash
- If you do overtakes fast, you can do combos and win more points
- Take the ramp to jump and activate the turbo
- When driven over 80 kmh, make a wheelie to get bonus points and cash
Have endless fun by downloading this Motorbike rally racing game.
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