The Floor is Lava : Cute Puppy Mania

パブリッシャー: Action Uni
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The floor is lava: Cute Puppy Mania is a simple childhood game specially designed for cute children’s and cute puppy lovers. This could mean climbing the furniture, jump from one table to another in the bedroom and eat sweets like donut in this adventure game. The game can be played in the beautiful house where you play as a cute puppy and move from one room to another with the help of jumps.
This cute puppy simulator is full of fun and adventure in the attractive house. The entire interior in the house is beautiful and luxury. Cute puppy play with the tennis ball on the bed and bathtub in the bathroom. Eat food and jump from chairs to dining table in the kitchen.
The Floor is Lava: Cute Puppy Mania is started with beautiful gameplay where you play as attractive puppy and clear all the dangerous hurdles in this simulator. Cute puppy explore whole house in search of food and eat the sweets. Be careful from the floor if you fall down on ground your mission is over. Exciting and adventurous levels are waiting for you. The Floor is lava: cute puppy is best game in all puppy games and ready to bash in the gaming world.
• Play as cute puppy and eat sweets in beautiful house
• Clear all missions with the help of amazing jumps
• Choose your favorite attractive puppies by unlock next levels
• 3D graphics with smooth controls
Floor is lava: cute puppy is specially designed for all lovely puppies’ lovers. This game is best for all users who love to play with charming puppies. Search food and eat them to clear all the joyful missions. Play with ball in the bathtub and enjoy real cute puppy life in this amazing game.

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