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Take notes at meetings, assemblies and conventions of Jehovahs Witnesses.
All of the assembly and convention programs are included and updated each year as they become available. I have added the ability to backup your notes to your device to either your sd card and to your Dropbox. There is also the option of creating a .PDF file that you can also backup to your Dropbox if you want to print off a hard copy.
Special Note: May not be suitable for Samsung Galaxy running 7.0.
I do apologise to those who have had problems using the JW Smart Notes App but after much hard work and lots of hours spent researching the problem I finally found the main reason for most of the issues you have had to endure.
Samsung's own proprietory Android software contained a few known issues in their release of version 7.0.
Most of these have now been fixed with their hurried released version 7.1.
Please upgrade your device to Android OS 7.1.x if you are having problems with our App.
In the meantime I am now starting to completely re-write the App so this will not happen again.

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