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Modern Sniper Gun Shooting

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It's time to aim down the sniper scope and fire at the enemy soldiers that have overrun the tropical island paradise, once home to a peaceful nation. It is your duty to help bring the peace back to island and eliminate the armies that have taken over.
With fun and easy game controls, you can become one of the most lethal snipers out there, come and join in on the action of this new and realistic sniper shooting game.
Battle against the enemy in tons of action packed missions. Get into the best sniping position and scope out the area for any groups of militia that are patrolling the island, take aim and fire at them. Once you've have taken out one of their comrades, they will fire back at you. Be careful and watch your health and ammo because if either go to zero, you will fail the mission, so plan your attack and make every bullet count.
With precision marksmen shooting, aim for the perfect head shot with realistic sniper rifles and follow each direct shot with the dynamic bullet camera.

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