LetraKid PRO - Learn to Write. ABC & 123 handwriting for kids and toddlers. Trace letters and numbers.

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New game for preschool and primary school kids learning handwriting.
LetraKid is an educational game for kids 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years old that can help them to learn to write print block an pre cursive, while having fun when doing so!
Alphabet, ABCs letters, 0-9 numbers, shapes and various funny tracing exercises are included in practice worksheets.
****** 5/5 stars EducationalAppStore.com ******
"I have played many of these applications before and the market is fiercely competitive, but I believe this one has a comprehensive and professional approach that combines an engaging experience for children and a proper use of child interactions to promote learning in a non judgmental way." - teacher review at EducationalAppStore.com
• Recognize letter shapes and perfect alphabet pronunciation
• The correct letter formation: start, checkpoints, strokes direction, order etc. Difficulty Levels 1 and 2 with assisted writing are designed to focus on the letter formation.
• Develop fine motor skills for handwriting activity. Difficulty Levels 3 to 5 with freehand writing activities will focus on this improvement to help maximize confidence and form when writing.
• Playing with a stylus pen will also help to improve standard pencil grasp. Any stylus compatible with the device will work.
With a unique and real-time feedback feature as well as complex tracing evaluation algorithms, LetraKid is not just another tracing app. This is a new approach, focused on creating a fun game by utilizing handwriting mechanics itself. This avoids using distracting random rewards or secondary game mechanics that can break and confuse the learning process, optimizing learning progress and educational appeal to children. The real time feedback will give both audio and graphic clues about the quality of the tracing and will adjust with difficulty level. Our tracing evaluation algorithms allow for an accurate and fun reward, using a 5 star rating for each exercise. This engages and motivates the kids to progress and to strive for more.
• No irritating pop-ups.
• No collection of personal data
• Game settings are behind a parental gate. This can be enabled and ensures a child to work with a certain font, formation rule, difficulty level and various other features for total specification to their needs.
• External links are protected by a permanent parental gate and includes feedback and social media usage to help follow the latest news and changes with regards to the platform.
Got any ideas for improving LetraKid? Then please send us your feedback and requests. We'll consider it in future updates that we planned already for adding more features!

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