Escape From The North Pole (Ad-Free)

パブリッシャー: Angelo Gizzi
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Get ready for a Christmas horror experience you won’t soon forget!
It’s Christmas Eve and strange things are going on at the North Pole. Santa and Mrs. Claus have gone insane, toys are moving by themselves and weird creatures are roaming around outside. Your job as a security guard doesn’t pay enough for you to stick around.
You need to escape before they find you, but first you must find the objects hidden around the North Pole. Use the security cameras to locate the missing objects, but be quick as you only have five hours to find them all..
Will you be able to survive the night at The North Pole?
* Creepy and frighting Christmas horror experience
* Use security cameras to watch Santa and find objects
* Lot’s of jump scares :)
* Will you survive the night?
If you like scary games, then you will love ‘Escape From The North Pole’!

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