Robot Sea Shark Simulator

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Are you ready to be raw fish with attitude!
Is it a Robot? Is it a Shark? It’s a Robo-Shark!
Have you ever thought of being menacing daunting Robotic Sea Shark & rule the ocean & land?
Robot Sea Shark Simulator is here to give you that experience! Now Robot Shark roamed with rage, attacking with no fear & create destruction. Transform between a Shark and a Robot! You have the best of both worlds. Be a fearless Robot Shark. Obstacles are heading your way, your enemies are growing up, demolish them & be a deadly monster in land & sea!
Lets open the Pandora of Fun & Thrill!
Different action packed missions are waiting for you. Prepare yourself for ultimate fun and thrill with amazing experience. Battle & Fight with the opponents & try to get the maximum score to complete your mission. The new era for robot animal game and robot action games has been started.

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