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Fake Call From Labrador Puppy Prank (no wifi)

パブリッシャー: nobonaga-app
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価格: 9.99 USD


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Disclaimer: this app is a prank app for entertainment purposes only,is only made for fun. It will not connect with the real dog.
call from dog is an prank app from enjoyment with your family and friends with funny call pranks
make your friends happy with experience this prank call dog ,also amas your family requesting a personalised fake call from dog, you can choose the right time you want to call dog.
How it works : click on make call butoon , accept the prank call and make fake calling with dog
Sounds :
Sounds contained in this app are works made and provided by under CC 3.0 Attribution
Thanks to Daniel Simion and Mike Koenig for nice sounds.
image used in the app free and public domain downloaded from :

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