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Food Truck Street Kitchen Cooking Games

パブリッシャー: Tenlogix Games
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Become a top chef master and do it all in a cooking fever, travel across the world and spread the Street Food Truck cooking craze. Fulfil your dreams own a food truck in cooking world and traveling around the world with this new Food Truck Street Kitchen Cooking Games
Upgrade your food cart appliances to serve the hungry customers in less time. Biggest advantage of having your own ice cream truck food cart is that you can take your crazy kitchen where ever you want. Park around the famous streets of town so that more customers can enjoy your tasty food. Take your cooking to the next level and enjoy multiple dishes. Cook, serve and meet your targets in Food Truck Street Kitchen Cooking Games.
Super Food Chef! Give yourself chef kitchen cooking challenge in restaurant chef cooking madness game & enter crazy cooking restaurant. In restaurant serving games, take food orders from customers and quickly cook serve delicious food utilizing chef cooking skills & chef kitchen restaurant games experience.
Star chef your popularity will increase in NYC city by driving in your food cart ice cream truck. You don’t need any building or café to run your dream restaurant. Drive your food truck and surprise the customers with crazy cooking skills. Download and enjoy free Food Truck Street Kitchen Cooking Games of 2018.

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