Pregnant Mom Virtual Happy Family

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So, step into the shoes of expectant mom and play a role of super helping mum. The daily tasks of the virtual mom include cooking food, virtual shopping at fashion mall, gardening, cleaning house, visiting doctor, helping husband, arranging fast food party, getting kids ready for the high school. A virtual super mum has to prepare herself for all the activities of virtual home. She has to act as a kitchen helper and prepare food for all the real family. Wash all the dishes and arrange in the cabinets. Be a family & healthy by cleaning the entire house. Do gardening and water all the plants. Take the responsibility of all the household tasks while she went to visit the doctor. To maintain the real family fun, arrange a bar bq party with your expectant mother. Be smart and visit shopping mall take your mum for shopping at a food shop. In this pregnant mommy game, a virtual mom needs to handle daily household chores to enjoy a family adventure.
Virtual pregnant mom takes a good care of her husband and kids so that they do not get late from the office and school. Become a helping mum of the real family and let your mum to relax for a while. Install this amazing virtual mom to be game in your phone and enjoy the real family fun of this exciting virtual super mom daily life.

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