Flying Divers Impossible Stunts: Air Stunt Racing

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Are you fanatic about skydiving games in flying wing suit to perform air flying stunts? You are top most soldier of the army performing skydiving stunts in wing suit and well prepared for flying diving and impossible flying stunts on impossible tracks in this adventurous flying game. This flying wing simulator is an amalgamation of flywings games and sky diving games with high altitude sky high jumping and paragliding from airplane flight cockpit over the highest mountains for WW3 drill. As a super army flying man in this wingsuit flight simulator, you have to jump from the sky with parachute bag across the airspeed and follow the track and course without colliding with any object and open your parachute and land successfully on the designated spot. In this impossible stunt game, fly over hills in your flying wing suit and encounter thrilling adventure, missed in any stunt flying and skydiving games. Download FLYING DIVERS IMPOSSIBLE STUNTS: AIR STUNT RACING, supreme of WW3 games and skydive games.
This is a training course for WW3 drill so being a super soldier you have to get ready for any unforeseen situation. Dress up your wingsuit and get ready for sky diving and paragliding with your parachute from airplane or helicopter flight too high in sky. You would have never experienced such a flying thriller before in any sky diving games or flywings games. This flying wing simulator is full of impossible stunts on impossible tracks and tricky course to get you ready for the war. It is very necessary to successfully land on the enemy secret locations during the war so practise flying stunts and sky high diving in this WW3 skydiving game.
Folks, brace yourselves with one of the best and unique diving and flying game with an intention to train your soldier for WW3. Sky diving with wing suit is always appealing to game freaks but amalgamation with impossible stunts on impossible tracks and high altitude jump from flight simulator make it best in all. Appraise with FLYING DIVERS IMPOSSIBLE STUNTS: AIR STUNT RACING king of skydiving games.

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