Offroad Police Truck Gangster Chase

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Enjoy this thrilling Offroad Police Truck Gangster Chase adventure featuring 6x6 offroad truck in a beautifully designed off-road environment. Be an offroad police patrol driver and join USA city police petrol service to get involved in city pursuits and imprison most wanted city gangsters. Expertly utilize 6x6 driving simulator, to earn respect in the city police. In this Game, you will get engaged in various thrilling police chase missions with the amazing big 6x6 offroad truck or beautiful 4wd monster truck, possessing best driving simulators to stop each gangster from escape on a busy highway around the futuristic city.
Offroad Police Truck Gangster Chase lets you engage in thrilling police chase challenges on the beautifully designed highway using utilizing highly advanced 6x6 driving simulator. In this truck simulation game, expertly drive a big 6x6 offroad truck or beautiful 4wd monster truck and get involved in each police car chase to make it a success. Expertly utilize police emp cannon or instant stopping spike strips which are used in a pickup truck to make each police car chase a success and become professional police car driver or well-known offroad police truck transporter of the city.

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