Mia and me - Freedom for Centopia

パブリッシャー: KIDDINX Media GmbH
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料


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Even if your device matches the needed Android version, you need at least 1GB of free RAM to play this game.
Join Mia, Yuko and Mo on their journey through Centopia and help them defeat the nightvine!
This poisonous plant is spreading all over the island and only the legendary “Heart of Centopia” can push it back. But this magical crystal heart broke a long time ago and all its pieces have been scattered over the entire kingdom.
Play your way through 100 colorful levels and help Mia and her friends collect the lost pieces of crystal hidden in them. On our adventure, you’ll also have to face new challenges and take on different tasks:
Put on your VR Cardboard and enjoy an all-round 360° view of the 3D-meadow.
This app is available for smartphones and tablets and can also be used with a Cardboard head mount for an all-round 360° view.

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