Ultimate Drift - Super Cars

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Be a furious car drifter on 8 different tracks around the globe along with 8 most amazing car models.

This game has pro max controls and all new trending and classic cars. Racing pro with drift controls and no limits. This is one of the best car games and considered among the top car racing games. Enjoy the thrill of real racing with Lamborghini and other drift cars.
Easy drift with your thumbs, realistic controls with finger drift and one thumb. Use your tump to drift these fast and furious drift cars. Be the furious drift racer like in Tokyo drift.
Here is the list of drift cars:
- Lamborghini Aventador
- Chevrolet Camaro
- Toyota Supra
- Lamborghini Veneno
- Charade
- Mercedes S-Class
- Toyota Fortuner
- Old-School Muscle Car
No need to worry about traffic or signals. With drift max ultimate You can be a complete outlaw within the range of the tracks with no fear of the police. You can perform all the illegal stunts, super drifts and leave your skid marks on the asphalt. You can perform torque burnout on the free roads and become a drift master.
If you want to be a pro car drifter, then this your chance to prove your worth.
Enjoy the best car drifting game!

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