Ghost Camera Radar joke

パブリッシャー: Vasya Bond
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Ghost Camera Radar joke Is a joke simulator game application where you can play in your phone as with radar to search for ghosts! Do you like horror? You don't believe in ghosts? Want to know if they're around? You think you're brave?
Then our app is for you! With this app Ghost camera radar joke you will be able to prank your loved ones and friends! Scare your friend! The interface is very simple, turn on the app and start searching for ghosts around you!
For realism, use the camera!
Attention game joke created for pranks and practical jokes and is absolutely safe for health!
Download the game for free now and play everywhere, because you do not need an Internet connection!
Thank you for playing our apps! Leave us feedback and we will try to make them even better for you!

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