US Police Robot Car Revenge

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US Police Robot Car Revenge 2019 game is Robot war game in the new city and the whole organization of evil robotic powers is fighting to destroy the city. Let's fight back with flying war machines in the robot battle city to demolish all rebellious red robots. Transform robot car into a flying robot to use combat powers like shooting, punches, firing missiles and new police robot car fight skills.
This US Flying Police Robot Car Revenge 2019 game is a brand new edition to the police robot games from the city of New York with futuristic police transform robot fighting car. The mech robot battle is new warfare to save humankind from mighty machines. Walking war robots can transform into flying robots to shoot battle robots and accomplish city rescue mission!
If you like open world robot war games or robot shooting games then start this robo police mission where you need to transform police robot car into Iron robot transforming bots to end crime from futuristic cities. The new hero robot and good robots belong to robocop's department, they have sworn to protect the humans from criminal robots.
Drive cops car to destroy evil mech warrior by hitting them with modern weapons. As super robot warrior fighter, survive in the conditions of war with the fast police car to eliminate gangster robots.

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