Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort

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Say hello to your new neighbor the Ayuwoki and escape this jacksons mansion. Each time you hear ayuwoki hee hee, run and hide as your new neighbor eni ayuwoki, who keeps you in jacksons fort prison, is running to get rid of you. Do your best to escape the jacksons fort prison to forget the horror of the ayuwoki. Run as fast as you can, hide under every available piece of furniture, and do everything to escape from the eni ayuwoki. When you hear ayuwoki hee hee, you better hurry as your new neighbor is incoming. Escape jacksons manor in our new horror escapade simulator: Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort. Escape the ayuwoki and jacksons fort prison to forget the horror of ayuwoki hee hee.
In this horror escapade simulator, your objective is to escape the jacksons mansion. To complete such a task, you should be very careful because your new neighbor The Ayuwoki can hear you, so be very careful when you run, jump or open the doors of the jacksons manor. Actually, any noise could attract eni ayuwoki, if The Ayuwoki is close enough to hear it. If you are hidden, but your flashlight is turned on, eni Ayuwoki will still be able to catch you, so to truly be hidden, turn off the flashlight while you are hiding inside, under or behind some piece of furniture in the jacksons mansion.
First, you have to find the main gate key in the jacksons prisons fort. The key could be anywhere in the manor. Also, you can hide behind objects, inside some furniture or under the tables. Once you obtain the key, just go for the main gate of the jacksons fort prison to unlock it and escape the mansion. Sounds simple, right? The key icon will appear on the screen, once you collected the key. Other state icons will tell you what you are doing, if staying idle, walking, running, etc. Put close attention when the icon turns into an eye with a crossed line. It means you are hidden and The Ayuwoki will not be able to catch you. Do your best and escape the jacksons mansion in our horror escapade simulator. Once you escape the fort prison, you will be able to forget the ayuwoki hee hee for a long time.
Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort is a free to play horror escapade simulator in which you will have to escape the jacksons mansion of the eni ayuwoki. Do your best and Escape the Ayuwoki in this horror escapade and escape the manor. Remember, you can guess where eni ayuwoki is when you hear the ayuwoki hee hee. Just find the key and escape the jacksons mansion and your neighbor The Ayuwoki. Download our new horror escapade simulator and Escape the Ayuwoki now. Your new neighbor The Ayuwoki is waiting for you in his fort prison.

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