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The messenger of the soul

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This tarot, "The messenger of the soul", includes 79 cards (instead of 78 traditional), and is addressed to all those who seek to make sense of the mysteries of their future and open their hearts to new paths to Browse.
The 79 cards are beautifully illustrated by Pix Aiko, a young artist who takes us with passion in her fairy and fantastic world.
Each card is accompanied by a poem written by Giorgio Blasi who has sought inspiration by being transported naturally by this new world never before.
Nina Montangero, tarot specialist, using the tools of the Rider-Waite tradition, draws from her intimate enriched with her personal experiences to communicate the secrets that remain in her heart and help others find the right expression of their own feelings in order to give their lives a new breath of freedom, elegance and lightness too.
Dare to ask your questions, shoot the cards and receive the messages that will help you chase the shadows that weigh on your hearts.

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