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video call from santa claus, Santa Claus video calls simulator is an app that simulate fake incoming calls and video calls, and a simulation of conversations with Santa Claus. So by a simple click you can live the best moments experiment of talking to santa claus, it's an easy app to use in the purpose of entertaining yourself and your childs, or if you want to prank your friends and family, the calls looks so realistic and they will believe they are really talking with Santa Claus.
- Run the application normally.
- set the santa claus video call.
- set the santa claus voice call.
- Santa claus video and voices call will be played when you answer the call .
- a video call of santa claus will be played when you answer the call .
- Realistic feeling of talking with santa claus.
- live video calls for santa claus.
- It's a Easy app to use.
- Possibility for you or your friends to accept or reject the call.
- Cool and friendly Design.
- Gift game.

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