Kings Cup Drinking Game

パブリッシャー: Lucas Azzopardi
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料 アプリ内課金あり


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The popular drinking game Kings Cup now on your TV! No cards no problem, start a game instantly with no setup required!

Kings Cup comes with a built in deck of cards that shuffles before every game so no two games are alike! It tracks how many cards are left in the deck and how many Kings have been drawn so you never lose track!

Don't like the pre-made rules? No problem, just swipe down on any card to enter your own rule for that card! At any point you can reset back to the original rules.

Jack is the rule master! If you draw a Jack from the deck, swipe up on the remote to enter your own custom rule that will last for the rest of the game!

Have your own deck of cards? Just use the app as a card guide and never lose track of all the rules. Just head over to the Card Rules screen and see all the current card rules! Also, you can change all rules to your own custom rules and they will be displayed for you to reference!

If you like Kings Cup on Apple TV, you're going to love it on your iPhone! Check us out on the App Store!

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