Christmas 9in1 Family Games Pack

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Christmas update! Santa Gift Boxing inspired by Timberman! -- 9in1 Classic Family Games Collection inspired by 2048, Flappy Birds, Pop the Lock, Stick Hero, 8-bit Ping Pong, Snake, Doodle Jump, Tetris, Timberman. New games keep coming.

Great for family gathering, kids party, solo play. Games are specially chosen to adapt the Apple TV Remote control. Difficulties are tailored to suit kids, seniors while kept challenging.

There are 9 games in version 1.3 and more are under development which will be added through app update free of charge. The games are:

[9] Santa Gift Picking (inspired by Timberman wood cutter)
[8] 2048 (inspired by Three)
[7] Flappy Helicopter (inspired by Flappy Bird)
[6] Break the Lock (inspired by Pop the Lock)
[5] Ninja and Stick (inspired by Stick Hero)
[4] 8-bit Pong (inspired by 8-bit Ping Pong)
[3] Classic Snake (inspired by the classic game Snake)
[2] Ball Jump Down (inspired by Doodle Jump)
[1] Tris Block (inspired by Tetris)

If you have any suggestions for coming games, please leave a message in the app review or send to We are listening!. We promise new games will come as free update and there won't be any in app purchase happening.

Have fun with your family!

Some of the Christmas images are designed by Freepik

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