Tranquility Zen Spa Universe

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Welcome to Tranquility Zen Spa Universe, the Apple TV exclusive version of one of the most popular relaxation Apps for iPhone and iPad! Thanks to us, you will experience the most perfect moments of peaceful tranquility, soothing your mind, body and soul.

Find out how amazingly relaxing our spa music can be, and add on top of that a natural video loop that will play in HD on your TV or device! Make your spa day at home even more special by turning the home entertainment system in your living room into a beacon of serenity.

Start by selecting the song that you wish to play; you will have at your disposal 10 oriental instrumental tracks. They are completely free for you to enjoy! Relax even more by adding special soft zen sounds of nature to your asian spa song. You will have a wide selection of soothing sounds with which to create an oriental spa atmosphere.

Last but not least, you can take advantage of the timer feature in order to properly time your spa experience. Select how long each song will play, and sit down on your couch while you enjoy that special massage with your significant other…

Are you all set? Perfect! All that's left is for you to savor the atmosphere created by the tranquil music and backgrounds that will automatically loop on your screen. Let the images of water and nature lead you into a distant land made of peace and understanding. And just relax.

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