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The Awesome Flappy Monster Cute Game

パブリッシャー: Bird Versus Flappy Monster Studio Inc
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料


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WATCH OUT! Obstacles ahead!

Flappy monster now for your Apple TV, the best experience ever! You can now the see 3 obstacles ahead with the TV screen. Will this make the game easier or more stressful?

Use the TV remote in press or touch mode, depending on your preference! All menus are implemented following the native Apple TV usage, so navigation is even easier than on your iOS device.

In a world packed of dangers and surprises there is no time to stop! Brace yourself
and quickly make your way out of there without crashing into anything!

Extremely simple and fun!
Tap the screen to fly and go up!
Lose altitude by letting yourself glide!

How long can you last before hitting something? It is even difficult for our experienced testers to pass all levels!

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