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Battle for DC Max

パブリッシャー: DC & Co.
評価: 評価がありません
価格: 2.99 USD


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50% off for a limited time. The Digital Consciousness, known as the DC, with a drone army has taken over the world making it inhospitable for humanity. Can you save the world?

An epic battle awaits.

Remotely guide your tank drone in battle against the DC army at capital cities around the world and retake the world for the human race.

At each overrun city, defeat the DC presence and obtain the digital key. Only with all the digital keys can you gain access to the master data center in Washington, D.C. to destroy the DC presence for good.

Apple TV exclusive feature: Two-player co-op with the driver using a game controller and the gunner using the remote.

Apple TV: Game controller optional but highly recommended.

This Max version includes and enables all upgrades automatically for maximum advantage and destructive capability against the DC. No in-app purchase needed.

Take advantage of the introductory price.

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