Climb or Fall

パブリッシャー: Seiran Wallstrom
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料


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This is the perfect family game - a modern version of the classic board game Snakes & Ladders!

The objective is to reach the last square on the game board before anyone else does. The movement on the board is controlled by the number of steps gained by spinning a wheel-of-fortune.

In this version of the game there are two modes:
* Battle - where the players move on parallel game boards with different layouts and can affect each other's play by strategic choices of number of steps to move.
* Shared game board - where the players compete on the same board and their success depends only on their luck with the wheel-of-fortune.

* New and innovative Battle Mode that brings strategy into the game play
* 5 maps with 24 levels each
* Support for both single player and multiplayer gaming
* Several characters to choose between
* User interface and animations with the look and feel of a platform game
* Specially designed for playing with a single remote control
* Perfectly suited for younger children who have not yet learned to read and write

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