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Social Selling TV

パブリッシャー: Ted Prodromou
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Social Selling TV is the free, fast and easy way to learn new social selling and social media marketing skills.

Social Selling TV is for sales professionals, professional service providers, coaches, consultants and business owners who want to master social media and social selling.

Social Selling TV teaches you how to master:
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Snapchat
- And all other social networks

Social selling is no longer optional for your business. It’s a powerful strategy that can help sell your ideas, establish credibility, secure funding, attract talent and win customers.

Social Selling TV teaches you how to create social selling strategies using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and social media platforms.

Social Selling TV is free, step-by-step video training hosted by #1 best selling author and social media expert Ted Prodromou, author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business.

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