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ASANA: Maestro Virtual de Yoga

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Restore and maintain your mental and physical wellbeing with Asana App.

Asana App is the first application to practice Yoga developed with Motion Capture technology. The exercises are based on the method developed by Yoga gurus Sharon Gannon & David Life, called Jivamukti Yoga.

The Jivamukti Yoga method is the most popular among celebrities thanks to its five pillars:

• Ahimsa: A non-violent life style, vegetarianism and compassion towards our environment and living beings.

• Bhakti: To accept God with devotion and humility, regardless of it’s form, through the practice of Yoga.

• Dhyana: Meditation to connect with our minds.

• Nãda: To develop a healthy mind and body through music and songs.

• Shastra: The study of ancient texts of yoga.

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