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Tasting Table - Eat. Cook. Drink. Recipes.

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Introducing the Tasting Table App for Apple TV. Explore Tasting Table’s incredible video content streamed directly to your living room. We’ve optimized our Recipes, TT hacks, Extras and more to provide a brand new experience to the immersive world of food and drink through the eyes of those who shape it.

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Tasting Table is a website and newsletter for culinary enthusiasts.
We eat high and low to bring you discerning dining advice, recipes you can trust and news you can use from the world of food and drink. We're an opinionated gang of always curious, anchovy-loving, order-one-of-everything-for-the-table epicurean obsessives.

We're reliable.
We test and re-test every recipe we run so you can be sure everything works just like it does in our Test Kitchen. And when we're out reviewing a restaurant, we pick up the tab to be sure we'll have the same experience you will. And we pledge to drink every drop of every bottle of beer, bourbon or bubbly that we write about. (Burp. You're welcome).

We're connected.
We travel to eat. And we're eager to share our recommendations from the road. We keep in touch with the farmers, chefs, winemakers, bakers and bartenders who define our epicurean lifestyle. And we translate what they're doing into tips and advice we can all get excited about.

We're into this stuff.
Food is our job but it's also what we do for kicks. We believe a successful dinner party depends as much on engaging conversation as it does on the menu (even if the talk usually leads back to what we've been eating). We believe that classic cookbooks make great bedtime or beach reading and that passion pairs well with everything.

OK, enough about us. Welcome. Pull up a seat.
Let's cook something together.
Let's order another round.
Let's live more deliciously.
—Team Tasting Table

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