Old West Pinball

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Made exclusively with CartoonSmart.com's Pinball Games Starter Kit. Crack you knuckles and get your flipper fingers ready for a classic homage to the hey day of pinball. Old West Pinball will make you feel like you own your own table, with lush illustrations, realistic physics, authentic sound, tilting, fast flippers, multi ball, LCD animations and much more. We've even included an insanely cool 90-degree mode, so you can turn your TV upright and really feel like you own a table!

You can also challenge your friends to pinball in 2 player mode. The app supports up to two external controllers, (so there's no need to pass around the remote) and Game Center to see how your scores rank around the world!

Oh and did we mention there's explosions. Yah, a few pyrotechnics won't damage this table!

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