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Jake Mace Tai Chi and Kung Fu Centre
Featuring the Extremely talented Jake Mace
Over 875 Videos in one great app

In Mandarin Chinese we say "Dao Chang" or "道場". In English Dao Chang or Dojo mean "A Place of the Way"! What an elegant way to refer to a Martial Arts School!

I have been a student of the Martial Arts since I was 8 years old and I have been teaching Martial Arts full-time now for almost 20 years. The goal of our Online School is to use modern technology to offer this ancient Chinese Martial Art of Self Defense, Fitness, Health, and Healing to the world!

Over 875 Videos at the online school with over 35 Different categorized “Playlists”
From White Belt to Black Belt, External to Internal, Flexibility Training, Meditation, Tai Chi, Animal Forms, Weapons, FOOD & much much more.

I hope you will enjoy training and learning the Chinese Martial Arts as much I enjoy practicing and teaching them!

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