Fit Freaks - The fit in 5 fitness workout routine

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Fit Freaks - The multi-disciplined workout program that has become a smash hit is now available on your TV!

Our team of trainers have devised intensive 5 minute long exercises, intended to specifically target key muscle groups for maximum effectiveness. This high-intensity training results in higher daily metabolic activity and helps you achieve your desired results fast - for only slightly longer than 5 minutes per day.

The exercise are simple to perform, do not require any equipment for most of the routines and with our new TV app can be done from the comfort of your living room or on the go with our iPhone or iPad apps! NO MORE EXCUSES!

Our team of trainers will motivate and walk you through through each workout.

App features include:

- Stunning, simple design
- Highly qualified trainers with years of experience creating custom intensive workouts for maximum gains.
- 'Recently Added' section so you never miss a new workout.
- Regular content updates for our team of experts.
- Featured series' of workouts designed with specific goals in mind.
- Regular app updates free of charge

We are passionate about fitness. We are Fit Freaks! We strive to make the highest quality content. Our team of expert trainers are dedicated to helping you become your ideal self.

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