A Lamp Light

パブリッシャー: Sandro Rossetti
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Lamp Light is a new idea for your Apple TV.
Easily transform your TV into a brand new Lamp for your apartment.
Lamp Light is now equipped with controls for hue, saturation, brightness and size and four different lamp types:

"Tube Gas Lamp"
"Full Screen Lamp"
"Pure Filament Lamp"
"Spot Lamp"

Just press the "Play" button and access Lamp TV settings & presets.

Lamp Light can transform your TV into a nice and useful Design Lamp.
Wherever is your TV, you'll get the chance switch-on a big/huge and nice Lamp at an incredible price!

Lamp Light comes with 30 presets, especially created for you.

Let it on in the night as well, it's a nice way to find your path or maintain minimum visibility (especially for kids)!

Lamp Light is not a toy, it has been designed to better meet usability, confort, lightning effects with every modern TV.
Lamp Light creates virtual lamps on your screen performing little movements and random color changing, keeping your TV screen young and perfect!

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