Beautiful Earth

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Beautiful Earth for Apple TV is the only app with hundreds of stunning earth pictures, compiled into a slideshow with ability to see exact place on an interactive map.

With Beautiful Earth you can watch stupefying Earth pictures caught by satellite, then instantly switch to map view and navigate to explore local places.

You can also turn on Beautiful Earth slideshow and stream music to Apple TV to create specific mood for your home party or yourself.

* Chose What to Watch - Depending on your mood, select "All", "Nature" or "Urban" type of locations.

* Change Picture - Use it to move to or get back to specific picture.

* See Exact Location - Showing name of location gives better understanding where the picture was made.

* Switch to Map View - If you want to explore the location on high resolution interactive map.

* Pan to Navigate the Map - Look around nearby places to find ones you've been to or want to visit.

* Zoom in/out the Map - Inspect the beauty of Earth by zooming in/out the map.

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