Air Dip - Maneuver Mania

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Air Dip is the coolest flight simulator game with amazing 3D graphics in a surreal world of adventure. Take the high wing aircraft through this breathtaking maze of different color and sizes, all floating in the air. Your goal would be to save the aircraft from crashing on to the obstacles. Gain energy by collecting the Energy Balls and last longer in the game till you complete the mission. The smooth control over the aircraft is what you will love about Air Dip.

The game gets more exciting as you level up by completing mission for each level. You will be presented with a new game environment and will need to take off again to start on the new mission. Each and every theme is designed with high quality graphics and alluring color. You will greatly enjoy the surrounded view while flying the aircraft in this amazing world of Air Dip.

Game highlights:
-Cleverly designed levels to derive utmost enjoyment
-Smooth controlling of the aircraft
-Make the aircraft fly anywhere you want
-Mission oriented Game levels for maximum player engagement
-Outstanding background score to relish the game
-Choose from 4 different aircrafts to play with

So, dive into the world of Air Dip and get your flying to the next level.

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