Chess Cards Mate!

パブリッシャー: Pawel Klarkowski
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Chess Cards Game is a strategy game with full information (meaning you know the cards of your opponent), played with a set of just 20 cards and simple rules.
But don't be misled!
Despite simple rules the game is challenging and requires smart thinking and forseeing the moves of the other player. What's more, it is a game where the winning depends on your skills and not your luck!

Each match consists of two rounds and the players exchange the cards after the first round. In this way the match result doesn't depend on the luck of the initial draw, but on the strategic skills of the players.

The app contains short tutorial which will help you learn the rules in no time (you may also check the game webpage). The game is based on the Mate game created in 1915 by G.Capellen.

The Limited Edition for Apple TV includes 10 free single user games. You may purchase additional packs of games or unlock unlimited games permanently via In-App purchase.

You may also choose between two beautiful sets of cards, with chess or classic theme, displayed in native resolution on devices ranging from iPhone 4S to iPad Pro and Apple TV. Gentle sound effects will enhance your game experience.

If you have downloaded Limited Edition of the game for iPhone or iPad and unlocked all modes there you may restore this purchase on Apple TV and vice versa.

On Apple TV you may exercise your skills during the game with Albert AI on three levels of difficulty. Before and after each match the average ranking of both players is displayed, based on the results from all played games.

Dual player games and additional advanced mode of the game (game with sacrifices) are available on iPhone and iPad.

So, test your strategic skills and play Chess Cards Game!

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