Chinese Checkers - Ultimate

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Special price from 21 to 29 September !

Chinese Checkers - Ultimate, is so great !

Play against the CPU (your iPhone, or your iPad). Choose your pawn color, and play while listening great music, dedicated to this game.

Goal of the game :
Move your pawn (located in the bottom) into the opponent area (located in the top). the CPU will do the same.
The first to have completed all pawn's move have win !

A Zoom mode allow, on small screen device, to enhance the way you can move the pawn.
An help is displayed, to help the player to know where your pawn can move (an option is available, to disable this)

The CPU calculate up to 4 moves in advance. Fight this opponent, and try to win !
In this version : 2 player mode : one Human (you), one CPU (your iPhone, iPad, your Apple TV)
regular update will give you more and more.
This game is available on : iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 4, Mac

In case of issue, do not hesitate to contact me.

Special price until the 1st August !

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