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Our workout library contains hundreds of calorie-crushing workouts like Spinning®, Yoga, TRX®, Boot Camps, Stretch & Restore, Ab Workouts, HIIT Training, Kettlebells and more, like our most popular class - Spin® Sculpt, which combines fat torching Spinning with Full-Body Toning & Strength exercises. And, expect multiple NEW CLASS RELEASES EVERY WEEK!

At Studio SWEAT onDemand (SSoD), we don’t use actors, fitness models or staged scenes. Rather, we use real trainers, leading live workouts to real people just like you... so you’ll feel extremely motivated, and like you’re actually in the studio working out right alongside us. And these classes are led by an amazing team of trainers you can select from, including SSoD founder, Cat Kom.

Special App Features Include:

1) Try the Apple TV app for FREE for 7 days!
2) Unlimited Workout Streams for SSoD All Access Pass Holders
3) Option to Mark Your Classes as "Watched"
4) Option to Build a List of Class Favorites
5) A High Definition, in-Studio Experience with Every Workout
6) And More!

SSoD All Access Pass holders (available to purchase online) can easily stream UNLIMITED workouts through this app.

Plus, you can use any indoor cycling bike for our world famous Spinning® workouts, and for the other workouts we keep the equipment to a minimum so you can easily break a sweat without breaking the bank! No need to buy a pricey bike from us! We're bike agnostic and think it's crazy to spend thousands of dollars and be forced into a lengthy contract, so just pick your favorite bike for a price that fits your budget and we'll do our part to keep you motivated to ride it!

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to our workouts, and you CAN expect results. We have people recovering from injuries, coming back from pregnancies, training for outdoor rides, and just getting over being flat out unhealthy becoming much more lean and strong because SSoD workouts promote cardio and strength, and because we keep you interested and wanting more.

Lorna from Ontario, Canada said, "I lost 20lbs between September and December with SSoD, then lost 10 after that. I am addicted and decided if I am to spend money on anything that SSoD was worth it."

*Results may vary.

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