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Biblia Católica

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The Bible (New Testament) takes life read by a person, not a computer!
• Exclusive technology that highlights the verse in sync with audio
• Listen to the book of John completely free, the rest of the audio New Testament is available for only $ 4.99
• 21.5 hours of the New Testament audio
• Do you have questions? Get technical support in Spanish, contact us and we will gladly assist
• Includes Deuterocanonical books that the Protestant Bible does not include
• Full text of the Bible (Old and New Testament)
• Easy to navigate, just select the name of the book to display the Quick picker
• Change background to customize your experience
• Purchase the audio for your Apple TV and use it in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Catholic Audio Bible App – Mons. Straubinger (1883-1956) was a German priest exiled in Argentina during World War II. Professor of Sacred Scripture, theologian, exegete and biblical scholar. Author and translator of the Bible Platense, one of the most recognized versions of the Bible that is in Castilian. The translation of Straubinger took very seriously into consideration numerous ancient and modern versions previous to their works, among which are those of Nácar -Colunga (1944) and Bover-Cantera (1947).

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