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Fitness Channel brings a lot of Physiotherapy exercises and Cardio workouts in the form of HD videos that contains Physiotherapy categories
-> Frozen Shoulder
-> Lower Back
-> Upper Back
-> Neck & Head
-> Calf
-> Hamstring
-> Hands
-> Arms
and Cardio Workouts
-> Circuit Training
-> Indoor Cycling
-> High-Intensity Interval Training
-> The VersaClimber
-> Indoor Rowing
-> Plyometrics

Physiotherapy exercises includes all parts of body like
* Head
* Neck
* Shoulder
* Arm
* Chest
* Lower back
* Upper back
* Abdomin
* Bicep
* Tricep
* Deltoid
* Elbow
* Postural syndrome
* Hamstring
* Groin
* Ankle
* Calf

All the mentioned parts of body include Stretching and strengthning exercises with description,symptoms and causes also. Each category have some introductory videos before exercises that will give introduction about each and every exercise. Special physio exercises for kids, Women and Old men are also included in each category.

Cardio workout include some of the best workouts now a days. It includes
* Circuit Training
* Indoor Cycling
* High-Intensity Interval Training
* The VersaClimber,
* Indoor Rowing and
* Plyometrics
which are top 6 workouts now a days.

These cardio & physio exercise have all type of exercises for every age. Anyone can use it because it contains exercises for children, Men, Women, Old men.
Download and enjoy.

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