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Music day Full Of Videos on Apple TV contains music of top 30 genres with playlists and HD videos.
Music Tube will allow you to wach and listen your favorite Music in HD without need to search anywhere. Music of Below Genres is included.
-> Alternative
-> Anime
-> Blues
-> Children
-> Classical
-> Country
-> Disney
-> Easy Listening
-> Electronic
-> Enka
-> French Pop
-> German Folk
-> German Pop
-> HipHop
-> Holiday
-> Indian
-> Inspirational
-> Instrumental
-> Jazz
-> J-Pop
-> Karoke
-> Latin
-> New Age
-> Opera
-> Pop
-> R&B Soul
-> Reggae
-> Rock
-> Vocal
-> 70s Music
-> 80s Music
-> 90s Music
-> World
-> Fomous singers of almost every Era.
-> Top songs of every Era.
-> 50s and 60s Music also added.

-> Each Genre contains sub genres Music like World contains Music of
* Europe,
* France
* Hawaii
* Hindustani
* Indian Pop
* Japan
* Klezmer
* South Africa
* South America
* Traditional Celtic
* Worldbeat.

Each and every Genre contains a lot of HD content that will be updated after some days.

Now make your Apple TV a complete MUSIC Tube to listen and watch all kind of MUSIC with just few taps.

Now, there is no need to search anywhere for the MUSIC content just Download This app to watch all the favorite content in a single app.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to their respective owners. All the content displayed in the app is brought through the YouTube's Public API.

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