Car Quiz- Guess the Auto Brand

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How do you think: are you a pro in the knowledge of brands and models of cars?
Let's check!

Car Quiz - it's great app that combines all the advantages of the game and learning! Indeed, in this application, we collected more than 1,600 cars and more than 60 world's most famous brands!
Which cars do you prefer? Perhaps do you like American Muscle Cars (could you distinguish the Pontiac GTO '69 from Dodge Charger '71?), or modern European beauties, such as Mercedes, Audi or the BMW? In any case, everyone will find something interesting and informative in the application Car Quiz!

The game has two modes:
1. All brands and models of cars from application submitted by random selection. For the player are offered several answers from which the best is, of course, only one. Rather, this mode is suitable for car enthusiasts, professionals in this matter.
2. Playing with only one brand of cars. Select, in what brand do you know models of cars best of all? Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Acura, Bentley, Chevrolet? It is your choice!
Don't wait! Download and play the game now! You will get a lot of pleasure from the Game!

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