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Rock Music - All Genres is the first Rock Music app on Apple TV contains music of all the era's of Rock music.
Main Rock Music categories are
-> Adult Contemporary Pop
-> Top 80's
-> Top 90's
-> Latin Rock
-> Top 70's
-> Top 60's
-> AFRO Rock
-> Top 2000's
-> Top 2017
-> Canada Rock
-> Top 2016
-> Brit Rock
-> Top 2015
-> Top 2014
-> Top 2013
-> Indian Rock
-> Top 2012
-> Top 2011
-> Top 2010
-> Top 2013
-> USA Rock
and much more.
Music is an art, entertainment, pleasure, and medicine for the soul and body. Music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain.

Rock Music inspires us in many of the ways, like we can see and real sense of Music by seeing the poetry used in songs.
* Motivational
* Inspirational
* Broken heart
* Pain reliever
songs are included in these playlists to feel the real sense of Music.

Each and every Genre contains a lot of HD content that will be updated after some days.

Now make your Apple TV a complete Rock MUSIC to listen and watch all kind of MUSIC with just few taps.

Now, there is no need to search anywhere for the MUSIC content just Download This app to watch all the favorite content in a single app.

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