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Surround Generator is a signal generator for Apple TV that can send audio test signals to specific speaker channels. The app has Dolby Digital 5.1 test signals available in several types.

Use these signals to test, calibrate, and adjust your sound system for the best audio experience possible. To use these, you need a system for analyzing the test signals both in frequency and level. They are designed specifically for the iOS app AudioTools, which has a number of test and measurement modules available.

Note: This app does not include any testing capabilities, other than being able to make sure that your speakers are assigned to the correct channels, left, right, center, and surround.

The test signals in Surround Generator include:

● Full-Band Pink Noise for Frequency Response Tests
● Mid-Band Pink Noise for Level Tests
● Impulse for Time Delay Tests
● Speaker Polarity Test Signal
● 7-second Impulse Response Sweep Signal

Note that you have to have surround sound set up in your Apple TV and audio processor or receiver to be able to use this app.

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