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With Optio TV, show educational and entertaining dental videos in your waiting room. Reduce perceived wait times and improve your patients’ understanding of common dental procedures and oral hygiene.

Engaging content

With 45 minutes of engaging content, your patients will never have to watch the same video twice. All of our video content is in stunning HD to display beautifully on the TV in your waiting room or consultation room.

Optional Audio

For waiting rooms that are near reception areas, a constant stream of audio may be irritating. We’ve designed engaging videos that work well with or without audio – so you can feel confident that even on mute your patients will be exposed to great dental content.

Reduced dental anxiety

Patient education can help to reduce dental anxiety. All of our patient education videos are tailored to sensitive viewers. Our animations are designed to simplify what’s going on in the mouth to make it easy for patients to understand what to expect with no blood or needles to scare them away.

Improved treatment acceptance

We believe that an educated patient is more likely to accept treatment. When a patient understands why they need their wisdom teeth out or why they shouldn’t wait to replace a missing tooth they are more likely to accept treatment. Waiting room patient education can help to educate patients – making your chairside consultations quicker and easier.

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