HomeCam for HomeKit

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HomeCam is the only app to allow you to view multiple cameras live at once and control their surroundings.

HomeCam connects to your HomeKit cameras and shows them even larger than in HomeCam on iOS or watchOS.

Take action based on data layers such as temperature, humidity and air quality, controlling other HomeKit accessories to make your life healthier while viewing it live.

• Data Layers
Bring a camera into full screen mode and you can view layers of data from surrounding HomeKit accessories such as temperature, humidity and air quality.

• Quick Switcher
Switch between cameras quickly by tapping left or right on your Siri Remote.

• Room Control
With the newly added HomeKit controls, HomeCam enables you to control surrounding accessories in the same room as your camera. Change the room's lighting, adjust your thermostat and more.

• Auto Cycle
Set HomeCam to automatically switch between cameras to allow you to keep an eye on everything in full screen over time.

• Secure HomeCam
Keep those peering eyes off your cameras with support for securing HomeCam with a four digit passcode.

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