Surveil Stream

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Watching a show and need to check out the backyard camera? You can use Surveil Stream to monitor all your cameras via the cameras RTSP, RTMP, MJPEG and other stream types. Heard the baby cry? Don't get up, just switch over to Surveil Stream and make sure he or she is OK. Want a cost effective solution to watch the cameras in your business - Surveil Stream is it!

Just some of the features of Surveil Stream:

- NEW! Features requests from users! Main camera(s) mute setting and multiview auto scroll.
- NEW! Take a snapshot image of a camera and download it via the web interface
- NEW! Updated video playback
- NEW! We've moved a few things around and cleaned up the interface for an even better experience
- Multiview allows you to see all your cameras at once - click and hold the touchpad on your Apple remote, and see the camera instantly in full screen.
- Web interface for quick entering and editing of camera
- Backup your cameras to your computer for safe keeping
- Secure mode to protect urls with passwords. Secure mode will also stop users from altering your setting and cameras
- Basic themes, camera dimming for nighttime, swipe from camera to camera with your remote, helpful tips and techniques are included in the app as well to get you started

We've done some updates to multiview, and have been able to run 20+ 1080p h264 cameras on an AppleTV 4K. The number of cameras is highly dependant on the video resolution, type of compression used, your internal network speed, and the stability of the camera stream. Make sure to connect your AppleTV to an ethernet connection for best performance.

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