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David Heavener TV is a cutting edge, truth-telling channel that examines culture and current events through a Biblical grid. We bring the truth to a society that has negated or manipulated it. We preach boldly without compromise.

Join David Heavener LIVE every Monday along with thousands of viewers worldwide to discuss topics the churches will not talk about. Interviews, commentaries, praise reports, prayer requests, and even online communion. Many consider this to be their weekly church.

In David Heavener Investigates, David researches modern day miracles and signs and wonders: are they from God or Satan? Topics such as the Bible that leaks oil, gold dust, fire in baptistries, blessings from statues, and more.

Tune in to David’s Podcasts on end time Bible prophecy, supernatural events, natural health, how we can end abortion, trafficking and much more.

What our Viewers are Saying:

“My baby loves the song at the beginning of the show and comes running whenever he hears it playing. My older boys also love tuning in to the show.” ~ Kateri

“I have been so blessed to find this channel and I want to thank you for speaking the absolute truth. It brings back so many memories of my first church where the power of prayer would send demons fleeing and people walking in freedom.” ~ Kevin

“I appreciate your boldness.” ~ Rose

“I could feel the passion you have for impacting the world for the kingdom.” ~ Bill

“Watching your channel inspires me and encourages me when I'm feeling less than dirt.” ~ Kay

“You speak boldly against he stuff the churches dont talk or warn people about.” ~ Jesus

“Finally someone telling the truth without compromise!!!!!” ~ Sabine

In these last days, there will be perilous times. People will worship false gods. You’ll see lying signs and wonders. Bibles will be taken out of schools. As the antichrist arises, Christians will be persecuted. But now God’s people have awakened. Here you’ll learn from the top experts in their field on subjects like the Illuminati, One World Religion, Satanism, the New world order, and much more. We are CSI meets the book of Revelation.

On the Right To Life channel, watch exclusive shows such as The Option.

On Health God’s Way, doctors share their expertise on alternatives to regain and maintain your health against end time diseases.

On Bible and Prayer, enjoy exclusive studies with Pastor Mike Spaulding.

On End Time Prophecy, David interviews top experts like LA Marzulli, Russ Dizdar, Lisa Haven, Steven Bancarz, Josh Peck, Dr. Michael Lake, Irvin Baxter, and many more. They discuss how current events are aligning with Bible prophecy. Topics include the Anti-Christ system, UFOs, demons, serial killings, satanic ritual abuse, astral projection, and more.

You’ll access our original TV series like the upcoming Last Evangelist -a police crime drama showing how prophecies are already being fulfilled. FBI agent John Rhodes, played by David Heavener, seeks out and arrests underground churches, until he meets God. So with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other, John sets out to find the anti-Christ, deals with the mark of the beast, cashless society, and more.

Enjoy David’s Podcasts on end time Bible prophecy, supernatural events, natural health, how we can end abortion, trafficking and much more.

David’s new book on power explains how to use your God-given power in these last days. Understand what Jesus means when he says, “You will do greater works than I.”

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If you experience any technical issues, please notify us at David@DavidHeavener.com

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