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KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

パブリッシャー: KAYAK
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KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites at once so you don’t have to. Snuggling on the couch and dreaming of a romantic getaway? Finally have everyone in one room and need to agree on a destination for the next family trip? Just want to get away for the weekend? KAYAK finds you the best travel deals from across the web to book the perfect flight or hotel. KAYAK is the only app you need for planning your next vacation.

• Kick back on your couch and effortlessly search for the best deals on flights and hotels.
• Use the microphone to do a voice search. You can say things like, “flights to Barcelona from New York” or “beach vacations.”
• Are you a foodie or a beach bum? Golfer or hiker? Carrie or Miranda? Choose a specific theme to search vacations that fit your travel personality.

• Have big travel dreams, but can’t decide on a destination? Know where you want to go, but not sure when? Use Search to be open to anywhere or narrow down the details to see amazing places in the world to travel.

• Save flights and hotels to your KAYAK account to compare all your options in one place.

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