Farkle Dice

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Farkle Dice is an exciting fast paced board game for 2 – 4 players. You'll have hours and hours of entertainment challenging the computer and your family. Roll the dice to earn big points! That one lucky combination could put you in the lead.

*** Yeehaw! The Apple TV version includes a copy for your iPhone or iPad ***

Farkle Dice has all new beautiful artwork, engaging sound, and is both fun to play and user friendly.

Both new and experienced players will love the clarity of the score board.

100% dice randomization to prevent cheating. Each roll uses a robust randomization algorithm implemented by our lead engineer (an MIT graduate!). The computer player has the same chance you do. Sometimes, you have to take that extra risk and roll again!

• Gather around your TV and play your family and friends
• Play against several different computer players, each one offering a unique challenge
• Rules visually displayed for new players
• Lean new strategies by watching how players score
• Fantastic graphics, professionally drawn
• Super cool sound effects and music
• New player hints pointing out which dice can be scored
• A fun game for the entire family

** Frequently Asked Questions **

Q. How do you play Farkle Dice?
A. The scoring rules are shown on the left when you start a new game.

Q. Why are your rules different than the ones I learned?
A. Farkle rules vary by state and country. Customizing the rules to how you play is coming soon.

Q. When does the Score It button become active?
A. You need to select at least one scoring dice.

Q. Which dice can be scored?
A. The dice with the arrows above them can be used for scoring. Compare the arrows above the dice to the scoring chart on the left.

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